The love of my life with four legs

February 2, 2018 Lifestyle

Hi world 🌸 Haven’t been here for a while, since I didn’t hear back from people that hired me for writing it. But I don’t want to talk about that, I am here just for me and you. As you can see I added a new category – Lifestyle. Because I had a few ideas for next posts. But today’s gonna be about my dear dear dog, that I really really love.☺️ Her name is Zola and she’s sometimes annoying, other timesRead More

Photography through my iPhone

August 16, 2017 Photography

Hello world 🌸 I am sorry I’ve been away for a while now, but I have so much on my plate lately, it’s been hard to keep up with everything. 😕 I thought about you though. ☺️ I’ve been thinking about what my next post should be, and I decided to bring photography back. I hate to admit it, but phones do take pretty good pictures. 🙄 It’s hard to say that for me because I always said no! Phones will never beRead More

Instagram fashion💄

June 30, 2017 Fashion

Hello world 🌸 I recently decided to create a new account on Instagram. It is everything classy – from women and fashion to luxury cars and mansions. 👑 I offer promotion through my account, and if you are reading this in June 2017 you are lucky! Because if you want a big and successful Instagram account yourself you can reach out to me for promotion because while I am still growing it’s insanely cheap! Believe me, if you wanted aRead More

Slovenia the small New Zealand

June 21, 2017 Travel

Hello world 🌸 Did you hear that Slovenia is kind of like a very small New Zealand? Well, I wasn’t there yet but recording to pictures I’ve seen, yeah, nature is pretty similar. If you have ever seen Lord of the rings, you can see the nature pretty good. 😄 Except for Hobbiton, you can see the mountains, the great fields of grass, and lakes in Slovenia too. Slovenia is surrounded by beautiful forests, only you won’t see flightless birds inRead More


June 7, 2017 Fashion

Hello world 🌸 I know the last post was about fashion too but I can’t help it. ☺️ You can expect another photography and travel post soon. Today I’m gonna write about a classy style. It is my absolute favorite. In love with fine pants, tucked in shirt, big classy bag, stiletto heels and a watch. It sounds like a lot, but for an eye, it’s not too much if you don’t go crazy with colors or too many differentRead More

Wedding glam ✨

June 1, 2017 Fashion

Hello world 🌸 Now finally for all of you fashionists, a blog post about fashion! 💄 Recently I attended a wedding, so I grabbed an opportunity to show you what my idea is of a cute/classy wedding (of course if it’s not yours). When I found my dress and very soon after, shoes, I started to think what kind of makeup will I wear. I got a black knee-length dress with gold lace. Of course, with that came gold strappy shoes. AndRead More

A glimpse through my lens

May 21, 2017 Photography

Hello world 🌸 As promised, today I’m gonna write about photography. In my description on About me, I already told you that I prefer fashion photography. The reason I love it so much is because I love bringing the models essence into the picture. Meaning, if we are set in a studio (where I actually prefer working, mainly because I set EVERYTHING the way I imagined) and we decide to shoot an act. I want their body to express exactly howRead More

Traveling from my point of view

April 22, 2017 Travel

Hello world 🌸 Today I decided to write about traveling. In this blog, I will not write anything specific about a city or a country, but more traveling from my point of view. Just so you get the picture and get to know me a little better (If you want to know even more you can check About me in the menu ⬆️). Currently I live in Slovenia, which is a very beautiful country – but unfortunately, most of usRead More