June 7, 2017 Fashion

Hello world 🌸

I know the last post was about fashion too but I can't help it. ☺️ You can expect another photography and travel post soon.

Today I'm gonna write about a classy style. It is my absolute favorite. In love with fine pants, tucked in shirt, big classy bag, stiletto heels and a watch. It sounds like a lot, but for an eye, it's not too much if you don't go crazy with colors or too many different patterns. I like it all plain and simple but classy.

Classy outfit

Maroon fine pants,
White tucked in shirt,
Top Shop leopard flats,
Michael Kors mini bag,
Guess rose gold watch

If you go a little bit in the business world, I love pencil skirts! A black one with a baggy white shirt. You can't go simpler but classier than that. Or if you don't like the black and white style, any color of the baggy shirt is fine. With the same color heels, you're gonna rock it.

Classy business look

Black pencil skirt,
Baggy white shirt,
Gold strappy heels,
Swarovski bracelet

Another everyday classy look. White jeans with a baggy olive green shirt. In my opinion, if your shirt is tucked in is more of a class look, and if you don't tuck it in, you go for a casual everyday look. I choose nude heels and gray big bag. I think it looks okay because they are both very light colors. Otherwise, I wouldn't mix more than max 3 colors. I prefer 2 colors in my outfit though.

Everyday classy look

White jeans,
Olive green baggy shirt,
Nude heels,
H&M gray big bag,
Guess rose gold watch

Of course, we can't forget simple dressy dress for those warm summer evenings. If you know how to wear them without showing too much or acting inappropriately you can look absolutely amazing. We can say in that kind of dress you can be very sexy and classy.


Black dress,
Michael Kors mini bag,
Black heels

That's it for this post, I hope you like it ✨ You are welcome to leave a comment, I would love to hear your opinion.


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