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June 1, 2017 Fashion

Hello world 🌸

Now finally for all of you fashionists, a blog post about fashion! 💄

Recently I attended a wedding, so I grabbed an opportunity to show you what my idea is of a cute/classy wedding (of course if it's not yours).

When I found my dress and very soon after, shoes, I started to think what kind of makeup will I wear. I got a black knee-length dress with gold lace. Of course, with that came gold strappy shoes. And for a moment there I was kind of stuck, whatever I tried it wasn't good... Then I took my shiny shades and started trying. In my opinion, I nailed it! It was shiny but not too much, and I think it went perfectly with my outfit.

I started with number 1. It's dark and shiny perfect for the tip od the eye. I made a nice shape of it to open the eye and gave it a gentle smokey eye look. I continued with number 2 and 3 for the center, here I used this gold shade so when my eyes were open you could really see it. On the corner of the eye, I put number 3 and blend it with gold shade. I did the same under my eye. With a thin line, I added shades in the same order. Then I drew eyeliner in the style of winehouse, tightlined my eye with a black line, and in the end added a mascara.

When my eyes were done, I did my eyebrows and finish countering my face. I didn't forget to put lipstick on either. It was nude color with a smidge of a brown/red color.


What do you think? ✨

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