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April 22, 2017 Travel

Hello world 🌸

Today I decided to write about traveling. In this blog, I will not write anything specific about a city or a country, but more traveling from my point of view. Just so you get the picture and get to know me a little better (If you want to know even more you can check About me in the menu ⬆️).

Currently I live in Slovenia, which is a very beautiful country – but unfortunately, most of us who live here don’t even notice it. (You can expect a post or two about Slovenia soon). I love Slovenian nature, but I knew a very long time now that I am not gonna stay here.  I love traveling but that is not the reason, otherwise, I would never have a real home 😄. And I want to have a home so, the reason is that for an ambitious girl like me is simply too small. I imagine really big things for me. I was always like that, dreaming big and going after what I want. It always gave me a rush and no matter what was in my way I never gave it a second look. Just keep going! The reason why am I telling you this is motivation. I like to think that if I inspired at least one of you to change something you don’t like, or take a step you always wanted to take but was afraid, I’ve reached my goal.

I guess if I can’t stop writing, that’s good for a blogger right? 😄

Now traveling! 😃 I discovered that for me personally traveling is not just going to different places on earth, but different places of yourself. So far I’ve been to 3 different cities if you don’t count neighboring countries. And in each of them, I felt very differently. Like the place showed me it’s essence. The people, the food, nature, the architecture… It brought a whole new energy. That’s why I love traveling so much. You’ve probably heard a million times that traveling gives you a look at how other people on this planet live, their way and how different we all are – and that is absolutely true! But I found that when you are there – away from home, in a “strange” land, you can discover a part of yourself as well. A part that you didn’t even know you had. Like with the same essence as the city/country. If you hadn’t experienced it yourself, you probably think that I am insane (and if I am honest with you, I am a little bit 😉 there’s no denying it 😜). But if you had, you know exactly what I’m talking about, and that is why I love it so much. I will try to explain in every blog I write how I experienced the city and I hope you’ll like it.

I hope I painted the picture for you and that you will continue to follow my site. If you have any requests, comments or questions just leave me a comment or a message on Contact me. ⭐️

Experience, Feel, Enjoy



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  1. Amanda says:

    Wishing you much joy & many blessings on your travels. I love the sense of freedom travel gives, one can just be in the moment savouring all the smells, tastes & vistas the earth has to offer, it really is a sensory experience. ❤️🌍❤️🌍❤️🌍

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